The Power of Two
Spirited Cultures
The Rabbit Hole

We know that at the heart of a successful organization is a healthy Culture.

The difference between success and mediocrity is determined by Culture. A Culture can be integrally sculpted through intentional design. Or it can be left on its own to mutate…which never results in long-term success.

We are convinced that Fear is the source of our greatest challenges…and opportunities.

Fear is a part of being human; yet unaddressed, it can create unintentional results. Fear drives out positive energy, creativity, loyalty…in short, everything required for success. And therein lies your greatest opportunity.

We insist that Leaders Go First.

An organization and its people will only change to the degree its Leaders are willing to change. Whatever you want your organization to do or be, you must do and be yourself.

We are Integrally Informed.

We consider the Individual and the Collective, the seen and unseen forces that impact both, and the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of human nature.

We think from a Both/And Perspective.

The world of Newtonian physics is one of dualities: either/or, right/wrong, here/there. It’s straightforward, easy to measure, but doesn’t always have value. We know that the Quantum world of both/and and relational probabilities is where the truest measures are found.

We believe in the Power of Energetics.

The unseen, Quantum power of a Culture is the result of thousands of small interactions between individuals. Those interactions can make or break working relationships. And the quality of those working relationships can make or break your organization.

We love our work.

And we love it most when it happens with clients who share our truth.

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